Tuesday, 4 October 2016

My school here: Lillian Osborne High School

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The first day I went to high school I was nervous because I didn't know how it was going to be.

When I entered, everything looked so different. They have sofas and tables where you can stay when you have spare time and a library where you can study and hallways are full of lockers. Also, they have vending machines where you can buy food and microwaves where you can heat up food.

Resultado de imagen de lillian osborne high school edmonton      Resultado de imagen de lillian osborne high school edmonton library

The first few days I went to Karina's classes because I didn't have my own schedule yet. Canada's high schools are so different compared to Spanish high schools. You can eat, drink and use your phone at class and nobody talks during lessons.

I chose these classes: dance, film studies, foods, forensics, guitar and art.

Dance was the first class that I went to by myself and I was very nervous, but people here are awesome and you can make friends so easily.

The third day of high school there was a barbecue for everybody which was so funny and there I met the high school's mascot.

Something that has caught my attention is that every morning they play the anthem and you have to stand up and listen to it. Also, they do two types of drills. One is in case there is fire and in the other one you have to lock the doors and stay behind the table if a person with a weapon comes to the high school.

What I like the most about the high school is that everybody is so respectful. They don't care about how you dress up, which country you are from or what your hobbies are because nobody is going to judge you. In my opinion everybody should be like that!


Check the school website: Lillian Osborne High School