Sunday, 25 September 2016

Arrival and first impressions

When we finally got onto the last plane, we were very nervous because we didn't know how to introduce ourselves to the family: with two kisses, with a hug, shaking hands... Also, we weren't still aware that we were in Canada.

When we arrived at Edmonton's airport we saw all the families waiting for us. They were just as nervous as we were!  Everybody in the family gave me a big hug and then we went to the car to go home.

At the airport

On my trip home I was talking all the time with my family and looking out the window because everything was different and new for me.

Then, they showed me their house, which is the triple in size compared to mine. Then we went for a walk around the neighbourhood. Everything here is like a movie and there are flowers and trees everywhere.

During the time that I have spent here I have visited many places but my favourite ones are these two: the Science Museum and Fort Edmonton Park (where they explain the history of Edmonton). They are my highlights because, although it can sound boring, it was quite the opposite. Here museums are different to the Spanish ones and Fort Edmonton Park is like travelling many years back to the past and seeing how Edmonton was at that time. You can learn a lot of things and have fun at the same time.
Fort Edmonton Park

Fort Edmonton Park

From the very first moment, I knew that this trip was going to be amazing and for the moment it is exceeding my expectations.


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