Sunday, 12 March 2017

Trip to Niagara Falls

Do you know that the Niagara Falls have been  iluminated since 1925? I saw the Niagara Falls in the night. It´s amazing! 
The Niagara Falls are in the border between the USA and Canada. You can get to the Falls by car and bus.

The main activity is a ferry trip in this awesome landscape. You don´t need any special clothes just raincoat. I recommend this activity in summer, because we have a lot of hours of sunlight. The ship has capacity for 50 people. And one trip costs $25 and children free.

In the boat you can cheer up and enjoy the views. My only advice is, be carefull with the wáter, don't wet. And if you go in autum or in winter you will fall in the deck and broke a leg or an arm. Be carefull!!!

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