Saturday, 28 October 2017

My school

I go to the Strathcona High School. There study people that were born on 2000-2002, but we are about 1200 students. 
Here the classes start at 8:45 in the morning and finish at 15:20. The first days it was difficult for me because I was hungry all the time. We have 4 blocks of 1h 20min. 
There are many interesting subjects like foods, drama, photography, leadership and graphic arts. 
We can use our phones and eat in class and we aren't with the same people in every class. 
At lunch time you can go out of the school or stay in the hall. 
People in the school are very kind and everyone tries to help new students in Strathcona. 
There are many international students and I've met a boy from Zaragoza and a girl from Andalucia. 
Most of the teachers always ask me if I understand everything and if I have any problem. 
Everyone has a locker and there is a football field, a pool, two gyms and a sports center. 

It is really big and the first days I didn't know where my classes were, but now I am very comfortable.

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