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   The name of Alberta comes from the feminine of Albert. This is the name of a Canadian province, which was named in honour of a daughter of Queen Victoria.
   First Nations, or Aboriginals, were the first peoples in Canada, in Alberta, before Samuel de Champlain, from France, came and started a colonization process that made Canada what it is today. Treaty Agreements and conflict between the government and First Nations are a major part of history in Canada. There are many different sites you can visit to learn about the culture of the First Nations, including Fort Edmonton Park. Teepees and todem poles are common First Nations monuments you see scattered throughout different parts of Alberta.
   Canada is known for being very diverse, and there are many sites in Canada you can visit to learn about different cultures. Some of these places include Chinatown and the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village. We also celebrate heritage days where people can go and try different foods from different cultures and learn about them, about traditions, and the ways of life of different people.

   Two of the main cities in Alberta are Edmonton (the capital) and Calgary. In Calgary an extremely popular event is the Calgary stampede. Bull fighting, games, horses, it has it all. In Edmonton, there is West Edmonton Mall. It was the largest mall in the world until 2004 and is a very popular attraction. The mall contains many stores, two food courts, restaurants, a swimming park, a skating rink, bowling allies, a movie theatre, mini golf, a theme park, a hotel, an aquarium, and more. Edmonton is also home to the Alberta Legisltive Building. In the pool and fountain out front it is a popular place to go swimming in the summer - and in the winter it is filled with trees and lights.

      If you love to get outdoors, Alberta is the perfect place to do so. Banff, Jasper, and Canmore are beautiful places where you can do a number of activities including skiing (or snowboarding), hiking, walking, rock climbing, and so much more! Here you can see a lot of wildlife, including bears, moose, deer, buffalo, eagles, wolves, coyotes, beavers, squirrels, geese, and more. You can visit some beautiful waterfalls and lakes (of which are especially cool in the winter because of the frozen waterfalls). One of the most popular places worldwide is Lake Louise, located in Banff. It is stunning no matter what season it is. The Fairmont Chateau hotel is extremely popular and it overlooks the lake. 
   Drumheller is a popular site for those who love dinasours and hoodoos. It is a unique area with a beautiful landscape. Drumheller is full of dinasour fossils. The Royal Tyrell Museum is located here and you can learn about dinasours there. 

   Alberta is overall a beautiful place to travel, perfect for road trips and getting outdoors. It is a unique place to travel for you can do different activities based on the season.

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