Thursday, 30 March 2017

Northwest Territories,Yukon and Nunavut

NORTHWEST TERRITORIES is the central Canadian territory.  Yellowknife is the capital city.
Up until, 1999 the Northwest Territories were twice the size.  On April 1, 1999, it was split to recognize Nunavut as a separate territory.
Check out our brief photo tour of the Northwest Territories if you'd like to see more of the scenery of the territory or if you need photos for a school project.

  • The government made French an official language for these territories. Although they have their mother tongue, the "Dogrib".
  • Some of the major cities in Northwest Territories are Yellow Knife, Hay River, Inuvik …
  • One of the main sites of interest is the capital "YellowKnife" in which you will have no problem to communicate because they speak 5 lenguages.
  • One of the most expected events is the aurora borealis.
  • One of the things people go to Northwest Territories is to visit the "Diavik", a diamond mine from which the purest diamonds in the world are extracted.

NUNAVUT is the eastern-most Canadian territory.  Iqaluit is the capital city.
Up until, 1999 Nunavut didn't exist.  On April 1, 1999, the eastern portion of the Northwest Territories was carved out and the territory of Nunavut was born.Yukon is the western-most Canadian territory.  Whitehorse is the capital city.

  • The lenguaje that they use is inuktit because most of the people can´t speak in english or french.
  • The main citiy in Nunavut is the capital called “Iqaluit”.
  • Alert is a small village situated on the coast of the Isle of Ellesmere. That it is actually a Canadian military base
  • The main event in Nunavut is "Spring Ice" which has an Eskimo origin and in which there are competitions of fishing and dog races.
  • In Nunavut there are several places of interest but the most outstanding are: "Mount Thor", "Hudson Bay Company".

THE YUKON TERRITORY is bordered on the Western side by the U.S.  State of Alaska.  To the north is the Beaufort Sea and to the south is the Province of British Colum.

  • Being a federal territory the official languages are English and French.
  • The main cities are Whitehorse which is it´s the capital and Dawson City and Watson Lake among others.
  • In Yukon there are several sites such as the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Center or the museum of mining, hot springs, hiking …
  • There are several ways to have fun in Yukon: by mountain bike trails, gold mines, and rafting on the Alley Glacier.

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