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NARWHALL AND POLAR BEAR SAFARIResultado de imagen de narwhal and polar bear
Have you ever heard about Nunavut?
In this place much of the land is permanently frozen. The city of Nunavut occasionally experiences freezing winters. If you visited it, you would need cosy clothes to wrap up.
The Narwhal and Polar Bear Safari is the perfect adventure for both first time visitors to the NUNAVUT. Spend your days observing a wide variety of Arctic wildlife in their natural habitat including narwhals, polar bears, seals, and a variety of bird species, offering you exceptional opportunities for impressive photographs!
Resultado de imagen de narwhal and polar bear safari Canada

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This activity includes unlimited use of motor sleds during the trip, all accommodations, all meals  in camp.
It consists of a visit to the traditional Inuit hunting grounds.  You should photograph polar bears and relax in a comfortable base-camp located near the edge of two-metre-thick iced sea

During the visit there are many unforeseen events. If you climb on one of the motor sleds you can fall to the ice and hurt you anywhere part of  your body, so i recommed you go well protectects with layered clothes.

You can not miss this experience, come and check it out!

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