Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Sponge hochey in Winnipeg

If I went to Winnipeg,I would play sponge hockey ,because it´s great.
Well, the activity is only practised in Winnipeg.
It is the capital of the province of Manitova and it has a great number of inhabitants.

If you travelled from Spain,as I would do, you would take a plane. It is expensive, so you have to save much money.

If you are interested in this sport , i will tell you more about it.
The activity is played by 6 players versus other six players in a court (40x20).
Remember that It is only played in summer. You need a helmet, gloves and knee pods. I don´t know how much it is costs, but i think that it is cheap and i hope that because if it is expensive i will not play this sport.

Finally, if you are bad in games with hockey, you will play bad sponge hockey. And if you are bad, you will have more possibilities of meeting with an accident than a best player.
I think that this sport is cool.

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